Wir Stellen Ein

I'm happy to announce that we're (BrickMachine) expanding our team to tackle all the challenges were facing. We`re sorting Lego Parts fully automated using Machine Learning and offering a sorting service to customers. 

If you have experience and knowledge in one of those areas and are currently looking for a part time job and wanna work in a young start up u can contact us per mail on thatbrick.machine@gmail.com

Machine Learning 

  • Training new CNNs based on Dataset in the cloud
  • Working with limited Datasets and lots of classes 
  • Generate synthetic datasets.
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General Position / Assistance

  • Build Hardware from technical Drawings
  • Take Responsibility by leading projects
  • Assisting us in a variety of task which range from testing a prototype to Answering customer emails or control our Machines.
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Marketing, Photography

  • Oversee and manage all our social media accounts
  • Maintain and update our website (no coding or HTML experience required)
  • Design flyers, posters, and other promotional materials.
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